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I have always been interested in Dinosaurs ever since I was a kid. Now I can share with you the wonder that I felt when I first discovered these amazing creatures. Come in and explore as much as you like and if you have any questions or if you cant find a specific dinosaur please feel free to Email me.

Update Notice

Hi everyone! I really appreciate your feedback and dedication to my site. I made this site to make it easy to find your dinosaur with professional artist works representing them. Unfortunately the host server prices just went up and I need your help. If you could spare a dollar or more please click this link to help out this site. --> Donate to keep this site alive <3

Article One

Attention everyone. The original site has undergone a huge upgrade. It is still a work in progress but trust me it is worth it! The new look here is still undergoing updates by adding new dinosaurs every chance I get! If you have suggestions for the site let me know and there's a possibility I will implement it into the site. I hope everyone has a great 2016!

Article Two

One of my favorite artists on dinosaurs is "James Gurney". He has some amazing books out called "Dinotopia Lost", "Dinotopia The World Beneath" & "Dinotopia Journey to Chandara" Check his web page out at Dinotopia.com! He also has a couple great art books out as well! "Imaginative Realism" and his newest one "Color & Light." I also highly recommend checking out "Robert T. Bakker's" Books "Raptor Red" and "The Dinosaur Heresies" which I also highly Recommend! Reserve them now at Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com or at any of your local book stores!

Article Three

NEWS UPDATE!! As I have suspected for a while now, a few dinosaurs which were supposedly different species "Therefor named as such" were actually younger and older versions of the same species.

Article Four

If you want to check out my artwork click on this link Raptor Arts Studio Every sale made helps keep this site alive.

I Would like to give credit and thank all these artists whose work I display in my Dinosaur Encyclopedia.
[ Joe Tucciarone | L.D. Austin | Heinrich Harder | Josef Moravec | Sergey Krasovskiy | Vlad Konstantinov | James Gurney ]