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Say hello to: BARYONYX

Baryonyx (bahr-ee-ON-iks) "Strong Claw" (Greek barry = heavy, strong + onyx = talon, claw, referring to a large CLAW, the first piece that was found)

A large Early Cretaceous THEROPOD discovered in Surrey, England. It is known from about 70 percent of a complete skeleton, including a 12" inch or (30.5cm) claw. Baryonyx had a long neck, a long, crocodile like snout with a CREST on top, and 128 finely serrated TEETH (twice as many as other theropods). Scientists think that Baryonyx may have eaten fish, perhaps snatching them from the bank with its long claw. This dinosaur may have been 30 feet (9m) long, 12 feet (3.7m) tall on its hind legs, and weighed 1.5 tons (1.4 metric tons).

Classification: Carnosauria, Theropoda, Saurischia