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Brontosaurus (BRON-toh-sawrz) "Thunder Lizards" (Named after BRONTOSAURUS) Another name for the misnamed SAUROPOD Brontosaurus is Apatosaurus, one of the largest land animals that ever lived. Any giant, four-legged, plant-eating, land-dwelling SAURISCHIAN dinosaur may be called a brontosaur. These dinosaurs are also sometimes called CETIOSAURS.

BRONTOSAURUS (BRON-to-sawr-us) "Thunder Lizard" (Greek bronte = thunder + sauros= lisard, perhaps because its discoverer thought its footfalls would have been thunderous) The best-known of the dinosaurs. Its correct name is APATOSAURUS, because that name was given first. The FOSSIL bones that were named Apatasaurus, in 1887, belong to the same kind of animal as those discovered later, in 1879, and named Brontosaurus.

Classification: Sauropoda, Sauropodomorpha, Saurischia