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Say hello to: CHASMOSAURUS

CHASMOSAURUS (KAZ-mo-sawr-us) "Opening Lizard" (Latin chasma = opening + Greek sauros = lizard, referring to the openings in its FRILL)

A medium-size CERATOPSIAN. This horned dinosaur was about 16 feet (4.9 m) long and weighed about 2.5 tons (2.3 metric tons). It had a small HORN on its nose and two fairly long, upward-curving horns on its brow. Very large holes through the bone lightened the weight of the very long FRILL, or shield, that stretched back over the neck and shoulders. The holes are technically called fenestrae. SKIN impressions show that Chasmosaurus had rows of button-like scales down its back. These scales were 2 inches (5 cm) across. This four-legged plant eater ate ground plants that it cropped with a horny, parrot-like beak. Many FOSSILS of Chasmosaurus have been discovered in Late Cretaceous sediments in Alberta, Canada.

Classification: Ceratopsidae, Ceratopsia, Ornithischia