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DEINOSUCHUS (dei-no-sou-k-us)

Deinosuchus is the largest crocodylian that ever lived and was the distant ancestor to modern crocodiles and alligators. Although few fossils of Deinosuchus have been found and many details about it are missing, it is believed to have grown to an astonding 50 feet (15 meters) in length.

Deinosuchus lived during the late Cretaceous (85 to 66 million years ago) on the shores of the great shallow sea that covered much of North America's present interior.

Judging by its powerful jaws and teeth and the behaviour of its modern decendants, it was a powerful and voracious carnivore capable of ambushing and eating all but the very largest of the other Cretaceous inhabitants.

Classification: Crocodilian