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Dromaeosaurus (drom-ee-o-SAWR-us) "Swift Lizard" (Greek dromaios = swift-running + sauros + Lizard, because it was a fast runner)

An advanced Late Cretaceous COELUROSAUR. This very fleet-footed dinosaur was about the size of a man; it weighed only 100 pounds (45kg). It was a BIPEDAL meat eater and probably a formidable killer. It had razor-sharp TEETH and a 3-inch (8 cm) eagle-like CLAW on the inner toe of each foot. The neck of this fearsome dinosaur was rather long, but thick and powerful. Dromaeosaurus had a broad head; its brain-case was large, and its eyes were huge. Fossils of this THEROPOD have been found in Alberta, Canada.

Classification: Coelurosauria, Theropoda, Saurischia