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[ Fossil Tail Club of Euoplocephalus ]

EUOPLOCEPHALUS (yu-op-lo-SEF-ah-lus)"Well-armed Head" (Greek euloplo- = well-armed + kephale = head, referring to the armour on its head)

A Late Cretaceous ANKYLOSAUR (armoured dinosaur). The upper part of its body - from th nose to the TAIL was covered with bony plates studded with rows of horny spikes 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15cm) long. The tail ended in a bony club. This plant eater was about 20 feet (6m) long and 8 feet (2.4m) wide, and it weighed 3.5 tons (3.2 metric tons). It walked on four short, stout legs with hooflike claws. Its snout ended in a horny beak. The FOSSILS of Euoplocephalus have been found in Alberta, Canada.

ENODONTOSAURUS, DYOPLOSAURUS, and SCOLOSAURUS are other names given to fossil remains that are now considered to be the same as Euoplocephalus. It was once thought that Euoplocephalus was the same as ANKYLOSAURUS, but scientists now believe they were 2 different animals.

Classification: Ankylosauridae, Ankylosauria, Ornithischia