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GIGANOTOSAURUS: "Giant Reptile of the South"

This is a newly discovered killer dinosaur BIGGER THAN T-REX! It lived 90 million years ago. Giganotosaurus is 45 feet long and weighed 8 tons or more than T-Rex. It was bigger but it was probably not so powerful. Its skull is much larger but it had a smaller brain, less powerful jaws and narrower teeth than T-Rex had. It is now the largest carnivorous dinosaur known!

Giganotosaurus was found in 1993 near the town of El Chocon in Northern Patagonia, Argentina, as you will see on the Map. It was discovered by an amateur fossil hunter named Ruben Carolini in the windy badlands of that area. He quickly called two paleontologists, Professor Rodolfo Coria and professor Leonardo Salgado. Click Here to see their picture.