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Feel free to email me questions regarding latin and greek word translations. I have several books in my collection and that's where i get most of my data.

Welcome to the (LATIN & GREEK) Dictionary

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Word Language Translation
A Greek Without
Alti Latin High
Aniso Greek Different, unequal
Aqua Latin Water
Archi Greek Primitive
Atro Latin Black
Auri Latin Ear
Brachio Greek Arm
Caco Greek Bad, diseased
Compso Greek Elegant
Coelo Greek Hollow
Cory Greek Helmet
Dactyl Greek Finger, toe
Dasy Greek Shaggy, hairy
Derma Greek Skin
Dextro Latin Toward the right
Di Greek Two
Dino Greek Terrible
Diplo Greek Double
Diptera Greek With two wings
Dodeca Greek Twelve
Ecto Greek Outside
Endo Greek Inside
Ennea Greek Nine
Erythro Greek Red
Frigo Latin Cold
Hetero Greek Different
Hypsi Greek High
Labio Latin Lips
Lalo Greek Babbling
Lepto Greek Small, weak
Lophi Greek Small crest
Mani Latin Hand
Megalo Greek Large
Micro Greek Small
Mono Greek One
Myo Greek Mouselike
Myria Greek Ten thousand
Myrmeco Greek Antlike
Myso Greek Unclean
Myxo Greek Slimy
Necto Greek Swimming
Neo Greek Recent, new
Noto Greek Back
Occipito Latin Forehead
Octo Greek Eight
Oculo Latin Eye
Odon Greek Tooth
Omo Greek Shoulder
Omni Greek All
Onycho Greek Claw
Ophio Greek Serphent
Ornitho Greek Bird

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