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[ Skeliton of Muttaburrasaurus ]

MUTTABURRASAURUS (moot-tah-BUR-rah-sawr-us) "Muttaburra Lizard" (Named for Muttaburra, Queensland, Aurtrialia, the locality where it was found, + Greek sauros = lizard)

An Early Cretaceous IGUANODONTID ORNITHOPOD from Australia. This animal is known from a nearly complete skeleton and several partial skeletons. It is one of the best known of all Australian dinosaurs. Muttaburrasaurus was a BIPEDAL plant eater that probably foraged on low shrubs. It closely resembled IGUANODON and was about the same SIZE. It even had the same kind of spiked thubs that Iguanodon had.

Classification: Iguanodontidae, Ornithopoda, Ornithischia