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Say hello to: SALTOPUS

SALTOPUS (SAHLT-o-pus) "Leaping Foot" (Latin saltus = leaping + Greek pous = foot, because the finder thought it was a leaper, but it was really a runner)

A small COELUROSAUR of Triassic Europe. This BIPEDAL dinosaur was similar to PODOKESAURUS but was smaller. It was an agile little meat eater about the SIZE of a house cat. It stood only 8 inches (20 cm) high at the hips and weighed about 2 pounds (1 kg). Its HANDS had five fingers and were capable of grasping prey. Saltopus was a swift runner with sharp TEETH, and it probably ate small lizards and other small animals. It had a long, swanlike neck and large eyes. It is known from partial skeletons found in Scotland.

Classification: Coelurosauria, Theropoda, Saurishia