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THECODONTOSAURUS (thee-ko-DON-to=sawr=us) "Socket Toothed Lizard" (THECODONT + Greek sauros = lizard, because its teeth were set in sockets like those of thecodonts)

A very early PROSAUROPOD similar to ANCHISAURUS but more primitive. It is one of the earliest prosauropods known. FOSSILS of several indifiduals foudn in England were destroyed during World War II, but others believed to be the same dinosaur have been found in several regions of the world. This Late Triassic dinosaur was only 10 feet (3 m) long and was lightly built. Its head was small. and its TEETH were serated. Those in front were cone shaped, like those of thecodonts, but the jaw teeth were flat like those of HERBIVORES. Thecodontosaurus probably ate both meat and plants. It had slender legs and FEET and, like all prosauropods, Probably had a long neck and TAIL. It was QUADRUPEDAL but could also walk on two legs.

Classification: Prosauropoda, Sauropodomorpha, Saurischia