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Say hello to: ULTRASAUROS

Ultrasauros (Ull-tra-Saw-rows) Name means "Ultra Lizard"

The Hervbivourous dinosaur was estimated at 90 feet (30m) Long, 50 feet (30m) tall, weighing at around 70 tons (63,500 kilos) and was around in the Late Jurassic 155 mya in the location we know now as the Western United States.

This may be the largest dinosaur ever. The only problem is that so little of Ultrasauros has been found it is hard to determine exactly what it may have looked like. The only thing that is certain is that it was a huge plant-eater and was related to Brachiosaurus. In fact, it may even be a really large Brachiosaurus.

This dinosaur has been through several descriptions since its discovery. Ultrasaurus, Supersaurus and Brachiosaurus have all been used to describe the remains - two bones, a vertebra and a scapulacoracoid. This last bone is almost 9 feet (2.7 m) long. There are enough subtle differences between similar bones in Brachiosaurus to keep the debate going as to whether it should be a Brachiosaurus species.